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The Department of Mathematics caters to the needs of all the under graduate courses, post graduate courses as well as research programmes in Arts and Science since 1991. B.Sc. Mathematics was started in the year 2017 with an objective of emerging as a center of excellence in the field of Mathematical Sciences and its applications. The Department hosts well qualified and experienced faculty members who have an incalculable thrust towards Mathematics. The knowledge of teachers and also teaching curricula is enhanced through the faculty participation in Seminars, Guest lectures and Faculty Development Programmes. In order to ease the transition between school and college as well as to familiarize students with the preliminaries of Mathematics, the Department also provides Bridge Courses. It contributes to the placement of students by conducting Bank Coaching classes and Numerical Aptitude classes. Faculty members have extensively contributed to publications in books and research articles in their area of expertise. The department conducts various guest lectures thereby exposing students to eminent personalities in the field of Mathematics..

Courses Offered

  • + B.Sc (Mathematics)


To inspire, prepare and empower students to succeed in the ever-changing world.


  • + To strengthen the students analytical abilities in the field of mathematics.
  • + To motivate the students by upgrading their interest in contemporary mathematical techniques.
  • + To promote interdisciplinary learning so that the students develop a wider perspective and compete with confidence at multiple levels in various fields.

Academic Excellence

  • + Career development programmes
  • + Self-learning classes
  • + Placement oriented training
  • + Organizing seminars that unfold various trend and nuances of Mathematics