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Language shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about

English department was established under the auspices of Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science for women in 1991, and has been contributing renowned service to the institution since its inception. “English for all” is the motto of the department, making every student speak, read and write in English. The department holds the unique responsibility of enhancing the professional skills of the students, further it facilitates the students to hone their soft skills and exhibit their linguistic abilities to meet the expectations of the industries.

The department is armed with qualified and dedicated team of faculty, sharing their expertise in various fields of English Literature, English language teaching and curriculum development. At present there are 10 faculty members, qualified with M.Phil & PhD. The department offers General English programme for 16 courses. To bring to the limelight, it meticulously achieves 90 – 100% pass percentage every year in part II English.

Our B.A English degree course is one of the best in the industry. The prime aim of it is to enhance the importance of literature and creativity in the field of arts.The department has contributed best practices for the institution namely – 1) Each One take One- usage of Library books and 2) Happy Hours Reading- to motivate the students on ‘Extensive Reading’ which will contributes to better results in developing grammar skills and general language competency as a whole.The department has a well-established library with 2200 books. The department trains students in all the three levels of BEC (Business English Certificate – Prelims, Vantage & Higher).The department has 6 working MoUs with Cambridge University under CELAC, STEP for Conducting certificate course as a training to improve LRSW , The Writers Cosmos, Henry Harvin Education, and Ignite Academy for Conducting certificate courses on Content Writing & editing. It also has signed a MoU with TARGET ZER0 for environmental conservation measures. Our students serve as volunteers in TARGET ZER0 to maintain the sanctity of the Anamallai region.

The faculty members of the department have attended 36 National conferences and 21 International Conferences and presented 34 papers in National and 13 papers in International Conferences. They also published around 19 papers in UGC and 22 papers in Non- UGC Journals, 2 Books and 12 chapters in books.
The Department tapped in a Grant-in-aid fund of Rs. 2, 80,000/- from UGC for a Minor Research Project which was successfully completed. The students are exposed to real time – group discussions, oral presentation and mock interview. In additional to these professional skills, the students are given adequate practices in professional writing.
The Department organized around 100 guest lectures, 3 workshops, 7 Webinars, 56 seminars, 19 FDPs and a National Conference. Literary Fest – The Annual Literary Carnival organized by the department, hosts about 11 events based on the LSRW skills of the students. ‘The Creative writing Forum’ functions under the auspices of the department. The oratorical club fosters the art of public speaking and debating among the students. The Talk Masters Club ardently encourages speaking skills. ‘The BOOK Expo’ organized by the department annually offers a wide variety of books at a discount for the students. About 10,000 books are bought by students every year. Book reviews are done by faculty and students periodically. The department in collaboration with INDIC BOOK CLUB conducts Talk session and Seminars related to moral and spiritual development.The Department serves on the Editorial Board for the college magazine and newsletter every year.


Creating a good communicative and literary environment ingrained with professional expertise and life skills leading to a refined student community.


To Introduce students to different literatures written in English at different historical periods in Britain, in America and around the world.

To provide students with an education of the greatest quality in the English language, in literature written in English and in critical and creative writing.

To enhance the study of literature by providing practice in careful, critical reading and developing in students a sense of the various contexts

To contribute and practice in the disciplines of literary,critical studies ,creative and critical writing; in comparative literature; in gender and linguistics.

To motivate the students towards higher education & professional careers.

Highlights - Academics

English Library & Lab
Well Established Language Lab & Library

Beyond Syllabus
  • International Training/ Exams
  • International Course on Content Writing & Editing
  • Cambridge Assessment
  • Henry Harwin
  • The Writers Cosmos
  • Indic Book Club
  • Target Zero
  • Shanlax
Experiential Learning
Visits to literary/historical events as Industrial visits,practicing Theatre artists through Drama Club & Training in Creative Writing

Programme Offered

B.A English
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