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The state-of-the-art laboratory facilities are available at the campus with LAN network facility for all the six Computer Science Labs with a total of 288 Computers and 12 printers. The Office, Departments and Library are provided with 37 computers and 22 printers. The Campus Internet Traffic is monitored through NF-3000 Unified Security Gateway Appliance and User Management Hotspot (HS5200) for any possible spam, virus and intrusion detection. The college provides wi-fi facility with 15 Mbps for access to online information in labs for the staffs and students in the campus. Additionally the D-Link Wi-fi facility with 10 Mbps is collectively provided for all the departments and library.

Life- Science Laboratory
Laboratories - SRCW Laboratories - SRCW

The Bio-chemistry department has a state-of-the-art laboratory with modern equipment like micro centrifuge, cold room, UV spectrophotometer and clinical bio-chemistry analyzer, all of which enable the student to carry out basic research activities under the guidance of the highly experienced faculty.
The Microbiology department has a well-equipped laboratory which caters to the needs of the undergraduate and post-graduate students. The laboratory is equipped with the advanced equipment and necessary apparatus which include Light microscopes of excellent quality, adequate number of centrifuges, colorimeters, orbital shakers, electrophoresis apparatus, UV visible spectrophotometer and Lyophilzer.

The total carpet area of laboratories covers around 13069 sq.ft.