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// GANITAM - Department of MAthematics

National Mathematics Day

            The department of mathematics organised National mathematics day celebration in a manner encouraging students from all departments in participating in different competitions which were fun filled and arithmetic at the same time.

           The game Deem and swap needed a lot of arithmetic knowledge in swapping the match sticks which were fun filled but solving the questions needed a lot of mathematical knowledge. Math sketching competition was open to all the artists who could draw diagrams based on mathematical figures. Poster making was opened all departments where the theme was given based on maths in  their domain of learnings . Video making competition was also conducted based on the interesting facts in the life of Ramanujan . Finally secret game named Hush Hush which was a surprise event but turned out to be a fun filled one


Pi day- International Day of Mathematics

The constant pi is celebrated on International Day of mathematics and the department of mathematics conducted various competitions open to all
departments. The game tie in required the students to connect various images and bring out mathematical words. Roll out was fun filled with dice but at the same time challenging with numbers. Pi Rangoli encourage the students to play with colours what are the same time bring out what pi means through their rangoli. Hole in corner was a secret game testing how far they could memorise the numerals of the beautiful pi value.