Initiatives for Research

The Research committee looks after all the requirements for the research work carried out in the college. The committee has recommended few reforms such as providing seed money for research work, improvement of existing research facilities, in the college.

  • The Research committee encourages every Department to submit project proposals to funding agencies. The faculty are encouraged to take up research projects and provided support for applying to different funding agencies as well as for effective implementation of the sanctioned research projects. College facilitates timely auditing and submission of utilization certificate to the funding authorities.
  • Research ambiance is upholding via establishing the linkages and collaborations with academic and research institutes.
  • The research committee has taken efforts for submitting the proposals to various funding agencies including UGC, DST- NIMAT, ICSSR-Impress, EDII-Ahmedabad, AICTEPMKVY. These funds were properly utilized for upgrade the research facilities as per the norms of funding agencies and also inculcating scientific culture in the campus.
  • The Research committee has formed as per as UGC guidelines for following proper code of ethics.
  • College also provides all the infrastructural support as well as seed money to faculty members for conducting research.
  • College aids the faculty, research scholars and project students for their research analysis and guidance from various reputed national institutes, industries and universities.
  • College encourages and sponsor the faculty as well as students to attend research events and to publish research articles in peer reviewed Journals.
  • College also organizes scientific events viz. Conferences, seminars and workshops related to IPR & Research Methodology and acquire updated knowledge and skill of the researchers. Regular lectures of well-known experts are arranged and staff and students are stimulated to interact with them.

The college felicitates achievers in the research field. On duty leave for presenting research papers, attending workshops, etc. are provided. College promotes the faculty as well as students to attend conference, seminars; encourage them to publish research articles. The students are encouraged towards learning-by-doing and hands-on-approaches and accordingly various programs are arranged on campus.