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Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world

The Department of Microbiology started in the year 1994 as a leap of faith on the upcoming possibilities that would mark the advent of a new era in the history of mankind. Microbiology is the study of microorganisms-living things that are too small to be seen by unaided eye. Throughout history, microorganisms have had a huge impact on human affairs. These tiny creatures that we cannot see are changing the definition of life itself. Being a pioneer in the field of Microbiological sciences in the precincts of Coimbatore and Kongu region this department has been acknowledged as a pertinent contributor to the research and tutoring efforts in this region.
The Department has a well-equipped laboratory which caters to the needs of the undergraduate and post-graduate students as well as a centre of excellence in research studies in the area of Microbiology. The Department has an array of University ranks including 9 gold medals to its credit and has proven track record in its academic accomplishments.
There is a department library with a collection of several hundred books which students can utilize. New books are added to the collection every year Staff and students of the department keep themselves updated by participating in several International and National seminars where they also present their research work.


  • A center of excellence for training and research in Microbiology
  • Mission

  • The mission is to ensure that Microbiology is positively visible thereby ensuring that the contribution of Microbial Science and Technology is integrated in the decision making of society and to provide education for graduated student with Quality and Morality, perform Research and laboratory service with International excellence to be a pre-eminence in the discipline of Microbiology to lead the society.
  • Highlights - Academics

    University Ranks
    69 University Ranks with 9 Gold Medals

    India Today Ranking: 72nd Rank in Science Category

    The Week Hansa Research Survey 2020: Ranked among Top 50 Science Colleges (47th Rank)

    Awards & Achievements

    The students from I M.sc., Microbiology submitted 6 innovative ideas for SMART INDIA HACKATHON 2019. Among them team AXENICS was selected for Grand finale held on 2nd and 3rd March 2019 at IIT Bhilai, Chattisgarh. Team members S.Pavithra (Team leader) D.Varshini, S.Gayathri, S.Keerthika, M.Saranya, K.Priyanka under the guidance of Dr.M.Mekala competed with other teams from different states of India and won first Prize Rs.50,000/- for innovative idea to treat effluent proposed by Praj industries ltd, Pune, India.

    Dr.Mekala received the Best paper award from National Science foundation. She has also won Best online presentation from AIBTHT International conference. She received a cash prize of Rs. 10,000 from Biotecnika.

    Programmes Offered

    B.Sc., Microbiology
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    M.Sc., Microbiology
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    M.Phil., Microbiology
    Ph.D Microbiology

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