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Webinar sessions

To instill a sense of entrepreneurship in students, a session on “Innovative Avenues for Bio- entrepreneurs” was organized by Department of Biochemistry and Institution’s Innovation Council on 21.12.2021. Dr.M.Vasanthi, Chief Technical Officer, VIP Bioproducts , Madurai was the resource person.

A session on “Innovations in Drug Development” on 22.11.2021 with Dr.S.Vijayakumar, Research Co-Ordinator , VJ Biotech, Coimbatore as the resource person.

A session on ‘Career Opportunities in Forensic Science’ was organized on 01.10.2021 with Mr.G.Munirasan, Deputy Director, Regional Forensic Science Laboratory, Coimbatore to emphasize the opportunities available for graduates and post graduates in Biochemistry in the arena of forensic science.