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Research and Development Cell (RDC) has been formed with one representative faculty from each discipline (Social Science, Computer Science and Life Science) and is headed by the Principal. The main objective of RDC is to create awareness and opportunities in research and development among the faculty & research scholars and to induce interest among the staff members to take up research projects from various funding agencies.

The research committee meets at regular intervals to monitor and discuss on research related information. The RDC constantly monitor the information about the various funding agencies and disseminate the same to all the faculty members. The committee encourages the faculty members to apply for minor and major research proposals to UGC and other similar funding agencies and also assists in preparation and submission of research proposals. The Committee also monitors the progress of research projects and the research scholars who have enrolled for M.Phil/Ph.D. Programme.
The RDC committee organizes various Faculty Development Programs (FDPs), by inviting the teaching fraternity from other institutions to guide the faculty members in writing research proposals.

Research and Development Cell Committee Members Position
Dr.K.Chitra, Principal Convener
Dr.M.Mekala,Associate Professor, Dept. of Microbiology Member
Dr.V.Seetha, Associate Professor, Dept. of Commerce Member
Mrs.P.Renuka,Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry Member

Functions of the Committee

The Committee monitors various funding agencies website for research schemes.

The team disseminates various funding schemes to individual staff members through mail.

The team assists in preparing and submission of research proposals for various funding agencies.

Organizing Faculty Development Programme (FDP) to upgrade the research skills.

Monitor the database of Faculty Publications and Presentations

The eligible faculty members are motivated to obtain Guide Recognition from the University