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23 Mar 2024

Women's Day

Featured ! Sheroes Unite: Orchestrating Empowerment on Women's Day - March 15, 2024

As the quote remarks “Champions play until they get it right”, every day WOMEN keep adding runs to their score, symbolizing their ongoing progress and achievements, showcasing their resilience and strength. Through their leadership, creativity, and compassion, women shape the present and lay the foundation for a more equitable and inclusive future.

The prides of Sri Ramakrishna college of arts and sciences for women rejoiced the International women’s day hosted by Women Empowerment Cell 

To turn ordinary scenes into extraordinary masterpieces  Mrs. Sangeetha Chethan , founder and CEO of Zaveri Bros Diamonds and Gold Pvt Ltd ,Coimbatore and Mirrorwhite INC ,USA  splashed light upon the  modern mind set a women should possess. She claimed that a woman is expected to exhibit both physical and mental fortitude. The students echoed the mantra, "We are better than the best”.

 A women should maintain equanimity, which will enhance their productivity and  help them to gracefully dance around the can of worms. Every individual inherently possesses a set of distinguishing traits and attributes, akin to the unique selling propositions utilized by businesses to stand out in the marketplace. It is imperative that we not only recognize but also wholeheartedly embrace these inherent qualities as facets that define our identity and contribute to our overall uniqueness. By acknowledging and celebrating our individuality, we empower ourselves to navigate life's challenges with confidence and authenticity, thereby unlocking our full potential for personal and professional growth.

She also expounded upon strategies for maximizing time efficiency in the realm of social media, offering profound insights into its effective utilization while concurrently delineating methods to circumvent its potential time-draining pitfalls.

Sheroes from various departments swayed to the zesty rhythm while receiving cheerful applause  from their buddies. As the day descended, it brought with it a sense of warmth and joy that enveloped all in its embrace. Every woman should strive to hold onto this cheerful spirit, allowing it to illuminate her path and infuse her days with brightness and positivity.



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