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Equal Opportunity Cell (EOC)

The Equal Opportunity Cell (EOC) is dedicated to creating a campus that values diversity and ensures that all students have an equal chance to access educational opportunities. The EOC actively works towards eliminating, discriminating, and promoting inclusivity through proactive measures such as awareness campaigns, workshops, and counseling services. By addressing concerns related to accessibility, scholarships, and accommodations, the EOC strives to build an environment where every woman can pursue her academic journey without barriers, fostering a culture of equality and empowerment.

Equal Opportunity Cell




Dr. M. Anandhi


Head, Department of English


Dr. D. Padmavathi

Head, Department of Commerce

Dr. P. Chitra

Head, Department of Biochemistry

Dr. N. Tajunisha

Head, Department of Computer Science

Mrs. K. Madana Sundareswari

Head, Department of Microbiology

Dr. D. Jayanthi

Head, Department of Management

Mrs. R. Gokilamani

Head, Department of Mathematics

Dr. V. Nirmala

Head, Department of Tamil

Student Members

D Neevetha

II M.Sc Computer Science

K Navashree

II M.Com Computer Application

G Ramya

III BA English

T.K.S Thrissha

II BA English

Parent Members

Mrs. G Punitha Veni
Mr. T Kannan
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The EOC decides to make every possible effort to make the Institution friendly for all ‘Persons with Disability’ (PwD). The following are the domains of its policy.

EOC fulfils , adopts and implements the guidelines and space standards for a barrier free environment for people with disability and the elderly (as per the G.O from the ministry of Urban Development, Govt of India dated Feb 2016).

EOC Ensures a barrier free access to all buildings of the college with lifts, ramps and disabled friendly conveniences.

EOC establishes that there is no discrimination in the Institution on grounds of disability status