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Welcome to the cultural nexus of literary brilliance and intellectual camaraderie, LITFA - the Literary and Fine Arts Association of the English Department. In this haven of erudition, we transcend the ordinary, crafting an environment where passion for language and literature meets the avant-garde.

The association actively functions to improve Literary & Communication skills by organising workshops, Guest lectures, Book expos and Annual Literary Carnival throughout the year.

These avant-garde literary events, pulsating with creativity, serve as a stage for members to showcase their talents. As a member, you not only become part of a network of like-minded individuals but also start a journey of personal and professional growth. This is not merely an association; it's a voyage into the heart of linguistic artistry, where words are not just written but woven into narratives that transcend time and tradition.

Join the Association where literature is not just studied; it is lived, breathed, and evolved.